Mobile Games

Exo Planet iOS

Exo Planet, originally titled Anti-G, was one of the most unique experiences and adventures in my career. I was referred to this contract by a good friend and former colleague. I was hired as lead programmer to develop a mobile, multiplayer, first person shooter, in space, in zero gravity, where you could grapple and walk on any magnetic surface, and repel off of others. The game had upgradable weapons and armor, single player, training, multiplayer, death match, and capture the flag moods. I’ve never abused ray-casting so much in my life.

Initially, I worked remotely, around-the-clock, directing engineers in three different time zones and Argentina. I licensed them a PC graphics and game engine that I’d built in the past and ported to iPhone. This saved us tons of time and effort even though we still had to optimize, add shader support, and a few other features along the way. I loved building something from the ground up, directing and dumping my knowledge on all the junior programmers, most fresh out of Full Sail. Eventually, I was required to travel to San Francisco and Argentina where all of the other developers and I united to overcome the final hurdles of the project. This was also a launch title on the first iPad.

Snowboarding TnT

This was the first title I developed for iOS. I ported the “employer’s” proprietary, 2D code base to work on the iPhone. I then implemented additional 3D math, graphics, sound, and collision libraries, while leading and completing this project. I also created an asset pipeline from Maya that allowed importing track geometry, materials, dummy objects for camera splines and object placement.

Big Buck Hunter Pro

This title started about halfway through development of Snowboarding TnT. I empowered and supported this title with the core technology, graphics engine, and art pipeline I was building for the snowboarding game.