BeastWorks CAGE (Component Assembled Game Engine)

  • WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop creation of demos, games, logic, and special-effects
  • Real-time playback and live editing of content
  • Automatic, asynchronous loading and reloading of assets.
  • Dockable views for visualization and editing of assets, objects, properties, animation curves, color gradients, actions, logs, and errors
  • Load and edit multiple documents simultaneously, with tabbed, dockable views
  • Spline (animation curve) editor supporting per frame interpolation and randomization modes, panning, zooming, independent scaling on each axis, automatic recognition of color curves that displays a color gradient
  • A large set of commands featuring full undo and redo
  • Tools for selection, translation, scale, rotation, and duplication
  • Create and rearrange components using drag-and-drop or context menus
  • Several options to change background color, grid size, grid snapping, selection filters, visibility filters, and render settings
  • A font creation editor
  • Runtime swapping of renderer
  • Tools for asset conversion and import